CCCC’s cooperative structure provides a rare and rewarding opportunity for working parents to be involved in their children’s weekday lives.  Parent involvement greatly benefits our children and is essential to the smooth operation of our preschool. Our co-op structure creates a sense of community where parents help shape school policy, gain a support network of parents and teachers and learn more about their child’s development.

Parent participation at CCCC differs from that of most cooperative preschools because nearly all of the parents work; therefore, participation in the classroom is not required, although it is certainly welcome.  Parent cooperative responsibilities are designed to be completed outside of regular working hours, and there are many different ways in which parents can volunteer.

Monthly Board meetings are open to all parents and give parents a voice in school policy.   The Board of Directors is elected by the parents of currently enrolled students who opt to become Members of the Corporation.  The Board and the staff work closely together on issues and opportunities facing the CCCC community. 

The community thrives when all families contribute to work of the school.  Find out more about the specific parent cooperative responsibilities.